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Online auction! View here: https://www.proxibid.com/Liquid-Asset-Partners/British-Aerospace-Bae146-200-Aircraft/event-catalog/165100----AIRPLANE IS LOCATED IN MINDEN, NV----The first Bae-146200 made the type’s maiden flight on August 1, 1982, while the UK Civil Aviation Authority awarded the 145-2200s type certificate on February 4, 1983. Versions of the 146-200 include the -200QT Quiet Trader freighter, which has been fairly successful because of its low external noise footprint, and the -200QC Quick Change passenger or freight convertible.  The 146-300 is a further stretched derivative of the original short fuselage Bae-146-100, but unlike the midsize 200 series, was not developed until later in the 1980s. The first 146-300, an aerodynamic prototype based on the original prototype 146-100, flew for the first time on May 1, 1987 with the certification granted in September 1987. Like the 146-200 a freighter version of the 300 series is known as the 146-300QT quiet Trader. The prototype -300 was converted to the 146-301ARA configuration, an atmospheric research aircraft operated by the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements as a replacement for the previously operated Hercules W2. The last of the original 146s were built in 1993, with the series succeeded by the Avro 146-RJ family.A total of 50 Bae146-200s remain in the fleet as of July 2016 with no aircraft on order.The British Aerospace Bae146-200 aircraft in question, serial number E2106, was first delivered to Air Nova in December of 1988. It was acquired in May of 2010 by Minden Air and converted to a water tanker. The aircraft is currently registered under the registration N556MA and it is Liquid’s understanding that the aircraft has not flown in the last four years and the aircraft is no longer airworthy. It is powered by four (4) Textron Lycoming ALF502R-5-103A turbofans engines and meets Stage 3 noise and emissions standards. It has an MTOW of 93,000 lbs. The aircraft has accumulated a total of 37,692 hours and 34,372 cycles since new. Detailed aircraft specifications have been provided in this report.


Private Seller
Grand Rapids, MI
Beech Queen 800 Excalibur2 Engines , Piston , Light Transport , Business Jets
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Harper Woords, MI
Vintage aircraft in great shape.  Always hangered and never used as trainer.  Has not been flown since current annual.Unique flying tiger paint scheme.  All AD's completed.  Hangered at Lapeer Dupont Airport in Lapeer, Mi.  This is a straightforward great plane.  One of a kind eyecatcher.  Instrumentation is basic and fully functional.


Private Seller
Lapeer, MI